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Bulk SMS Service in Bangladesh

Ctg Host BD Bulk SMS

Best OTP & Marketing SMS Service Provider in Bangladesh

We offer Bangladesh’s top-notch mass SMS services. By using our SMS service, you can simply deliver promotional, non-transactional, and OTP bulk SMS from Bangladesh to your users, customers, students, and clients.

Our own SMS Gateway, SMS Service Center, and Data Center are all located in Bangladesh, and they all have 99.99% uptime and qualified assistance. For providing top-notch SMS service, we have received several awards. Thousands of e-commerce sites in Bangladesh are currently using our Woo Commerce SMS apps. 

Our bulk SMS is used by a number of Internet service providers (ISP), government agencies, company offices, and private businesses for marketing and notice-giving. We employ a specialized SMPP to offer non-masking SMS service. You will get 10 free SMS credits after creating your first account to try our SMS system. You can send SMS throughout Bangladesh. (to any local operator).

Non-Masking Bulk SMS Price Plan


Free Trial






SMS 1000


  • 0.30/sms all operator

  • User Friendly Panel

  • Support Bangla SMS

  • All Operator Support


  • Unlimited Validity

  • Fixed Sender ID

SMS 3000


  • 0.30/sms all operator

  • User Friendly Panel

  • Support Bangla SMS

  • All Operator Support


  • Unlimited Validity

  • Fixed Sender ID

SMS 5000


  • 0.30/sms all operator

  • User Friendly Panel

  • Support Bangla SMS

  • All Operator Support


  • Unlimited Validity

  • Fixed Sender ID

SMS 10000


  • 0.30/sms all operator

  • User Friendly Panel

  • Support Bangla SMS

  • All Operator Support


  • Unlimited Validity

  • Fixed Sender ID


Create an Account

Register on our site with your contact subtleties.”

Load Credit

Purchase a mass SMS bundle and affirm your installment.

Start Messaging

Login our online interface and begin sending SMS in a flash.

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The Benefits Of Bluk SMS

Automated SMS purchase notifications from WordPress will keep your clients happy. CTG Host CTG Host BD SMS is a WordPress plugin that enables you to SMS your customers with purchase status updates. With the help of this plugin, you can mass-send SMS messages to your users, opening up a marketing avenue through which you can communicate with them directly.

WordPress plugins are an essential aspect of the WordPress platform and are used to extend the functionality of a website. Here are some benefits of using WordPress plugins:

1. Customization: WordPress plugins allow website owners to customize their websites as per their specific requirements. They provide various functionalities that are not available in the core WordPress installation.

2. Improved website functionality: Plugins provide website owners with the ability to add new features and functionalities to their website. This can range from improving website performance, adding security features, or enhancing user engagement.

3. Ease of use: WordPress plugins are easy to use and can be installed quickly without the need for coding skills. Most plugins are user-friendly and can be set up with just a few clicks.

4. Time-saving: Plugins save time and effort as they allow website owners to add new features without having to develop them from scratch. This can save a lot of time and resources, especially for small businesses.

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About Us

Why Choose Ctg Host BD's BULK SMS?

1. Speed: Your SMS will arrive in your inbox in under 5 seconds, and the SMS API will handle your request in just 60 milliseconds.

2. Reliability: Directly powered by mobile operators, therefore there are no TPS limit issues, downtime, or errors like absent subscribers, system failures, or SMSC Timeout-abort.

3. Effective SMS Panel: Since 2015, we have consistently improved and updated our SMS control panel. In Bangladesh, this is the top SMS control panel. Can’t trust what we said? Create an account, then use free SMS credits to compare.

4. API & Plugins: For Ctg Host BD, we have the most robust Opencart, WordPress, and WooCommerce SMS plugins. Any website can utilize our SMS API.

5. Reasonably priced: We can give you the greatest deal. See our Bulk SMS pricing for Masking & Non-Masking.

6. Cost-effective: Ctg Host BD offers affordable bulk SMS services, which can help businesses save money on marketing and communication expenses.

7. User-friendly interface: The platform is easy to use and provides a user-friendly interface for sending bulk SMS messages.

Long SMS Support

You can send long sms, framework will oversee is naturally.

Manage Unlimited Contacts

In our entrance you can make/import limitless gatherings and contacts.

Customizable sender ID

You can oversee and tweak sender ID for concealing and none veiling sms.

Import Export Contact list

Limitless gatherings and Contact list permitted to import or fare.

Bangla SMS Support

We likewise support multilanguage SMS including Bangla.

Free 24×7/365 Support

We offer 24×7 help to our customer including occasion.

Personalized/Templated SMS

You can utilize SMS pre-made format to send SMS for your fast beginning.

Flexible Delivery Report

You can view, import and fare all conveyance report in dominate or csv.

Frequently Asked Questions For Bulk SMS

Do you have any questions? We have your answers!

For Active the bulk sms the following documents need:

01. NID

02. Passport Size Photograph

03. Signature

When you purchase bulk SMS, you will receive a website control panel as well as software. If you choose, you can use your username and password to log in on the website, or send an SMS with your username and password to log in on the program.

You can send SMS to your customers or friends in the name of your company or in your personal name using BULK SMS. You can send up to 1 lakh numbers at an once or as many as you like without sending the same message over and again. This is the most significant benefit of BULK SMS. You can preserve the phone numbers of your pals in the Address Book by grouping them as you wish; this will save you from having to type the numbers in again and over. You can group and send all of the numbers in that group at once using this Address Book number. Etc.

Select any one of the above packages and click on the ORDER NOW button to place the order. After the order and payment is done, your email and ID password will be given to your account. Then you can login and send SMS.


If You Want to Purchase Non-masking SMS, After Ordering Non-masking, You Have to Give NID Card, Passport Size Photograph And Signature on Our Support Ticket to Approve the Sender Id, Then the Sender Id Will Be Approved Within 12-48 Hours.