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Courier Management Software Solutions

Best Courier Management Software in Bangladesh

You can choose from a selection of software from Ctg Host BD Software for courier service goods tracking is one of our company’s most recent offerings. Our Courier Management Software tracking is quick and simple to use, allowing you to follow your packages or courier. You may learn more about all the courier services and enterprises by using our software. Customers can track their couriers or packages around-the-clock by using our software’s live update capability. No matter what, whether you deliver personally or send your packages via a third party carrier, both you and your customer will be kept informed.

You can use your credit cards to make payments because we have integrated several payment gateways with our software. If you are one of our customers, you may check a number of items without logging into your website, including online rates, shipping, and billing. Furthermore, our platform includes integrations for numerous other significant courier services, including FedEx, DHL, Tint, and Ups.

We offer a number of cutting-edge amenities, including an innovative rating and billing system and smart accounting. One of the best software solutions we offer to our customers is this one. Our software’s user-friendly interface and customer-friendly dashboard make it accessible to everyone. The door of your business is always open for our support crew to come in and offer any assistance.

Features of Courier Management Software in Bangladesh

Shipment Entry:
1. Add your shipments using software, or allow your customers to ship using a specially created online interface. Ams file import/export, third-party shipment, and custom-formatted shipment. Print labels for DHL, FedEx shipments directly from Live Courier, or export your shipments and import them to UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager, or DHL EasyShip.

2. Shipping and dispatching of live couriers There is a built-in web interface module in the software. Your customers can use your website to print shipping labels, track packages, download invoices, pay with a credit card, maintain a contact list, schedule pickups, order supplies, and import/export data with just a single click.

3. Your clients can track their packages using our software around-the-clock with real-time updates. You and your clients will always be kept informed whether you deliver yourself or use a third party carrier to forward shipments.

Payment Gateway Integrated:

1. Credit card payment gateways can be used with the software. Customers of your business can pay their bills. Customers can view prices and send one package without registering on your website.

2. Major Couriers Integrated: The software is already connected to significant couriers including DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT. able to integrate with any more third-party couriers.

Facility of Advanced Rating System:

1. The advanced rating module is part of the software. Offer price reductions compared to published rates and/or raise your cost pricing. Create a personalized fee scheme for particular consumers and routes. Use the built-in Default United States zone system, which is similar to DHL, UPS, and FedEx, or create custom zone tables and apply rates. Our program has a different international route building method for routes and rates in extra countries.

2. Charge every client with a single click, establish default fees, and add on additional fees for DAS, brokerage, hazardous materials, etc. Create custom charge categories, determine residential fees, automatically suspend late-paying accounts, and issue collection notices.

3. The CMS advance accounting module comes with a ton of additional functionality.

4. The software is E-billing system compatible. Your clients can see and download their invoices and pay with a credit card. Send documents, invoices, and waybills automatically by email. Any documents you want your clients to read or download can be attached to waybills or customer accounts

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