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Best Cyber Security Services in Bangladesh

Cyber Security Solutions

We are a leader in managed cyber security services and IT security services at Orange Soft BD, and our cybersecurity advisory services and service assist organizations understand and manage their cyber risk. Orange Soft BD focuses on all potential cyber attack areas. Our cybersecurity team continuously analyzes and guards against cyberthreats utilizing cutting-edge techniques and IT security solutions based on threat information.

Why Ctg Host BD Cyber Security Services? 

With cyber security threat intelligence and orchestration, automation, cybersecurity consulting, cloud and managed security services, Orange Soft BD changes your business with a proactive multi-layered approach to cyber security protection. To help your company recognize, avoid, and recover from a cyber security breach, we can develop a complete strategy to Network Security. The following topics are covered by our defense-in-depth cyber security services: Network Security Program Strategy, Risk Management, Risk Assessment, Threat Intelligence, Incident Response, Advanced Malware & Ransomware Protection, Perimeter Security, Application Assessment, & Security Monitoring Services. You may find out where you stand and learn how to better safeguard your company with the help of our IT security risk assessment and Network Security services.

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Cyber Security Services in Bangladesh

Businesses suffer annual costs in the billions of dollars due to cyberattacks and security lapses. Threats are constantly changing. The defenses in place now won’t be able to stop the attacks of tomorrow. To successfully secure your firm from the new smart threats, you need smarter cyber security services.

In a world where everything is increasingly interconnected, you may function more successfully with the proper setup of Network Security services and information security technologies. Any firm must make the correct security service partner selection.

Our solutions and services at Orange Soft BD cover the complete range of IT and Network Security. We assist clients in planning, constructing, and managing more effective security programs. This includes establishing strategy, identifying threats, implementing the appropriate technology, and ensuring operational availability.

1. Focus on Core Business: With a stronger security posture in place, you can concentrate on your core business activities.

2. Better Security at a Lower Price: Our Cyber Security solutions provide the greatest defense at a fair price.

3. Comply with Regulations: Our Cyber Security solutions are designed to make it simple for you to abide by internal and external rules like PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and others as required by your company.

4. Gain Efficiency from a Set of Well-Tried Processes: Across addition to the security knowledge we’ve acquired from working with a variety of clients, we also have deployment and operational expertise in a broad spectrum of businesses. This knowledge might result in well-planned procedures to enhance the security monitoring service.

1. Identity and Access Management Solution (IAM)
2. Forensic Solutions and ATP (Advanced Threat Protection)
3. Email, Endpoint, and Gateway Encryption Services
4. Solution for Security Web Gateway (Web Proxy)
5. Email Security Solution
6. SSL Visibility and Encrypted Traffic Management

7. A solution for multi-factor authentication
8. Policy and Strategy Consulting for IT Security
9. Risk management and assessment
10. The prevention, detection, and mitigation of intrusions.
11. Incident management, including forensic analysis and emergency response
12. Advanced Managed Next-Generation Firewall

Cyber Security Services

To help you improve your security posture, Cybersecurity Services offers Information and Cyber Security Strategy & Design services. Our cybersecurity services improve your digital security and protect your business from dangers. We offer complete information and Network Security services, so you can depend on us.

1. Information security assessments to assess the state of your program’s maturity and identify flaws and chances for improvement Discover the risks to your company by utilizing our cybersecurity services.

2. Services for Managed Security, Advanced NexGen managed Network Security services are offered by our Managed Security Services, Cyber Security Services, and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. These services include threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, and cybersecurity incident response services.

3. Vendor/third-party Network Security assessment services, efficient security services, including managed security services. We inform you of the steps taken by your vendors to protect your data from online dangers. Do they have a program for Network Security?

4. Phishing and security testing, Understanding your weaknesses clearly is the first step in implementing effective security. Cybersecurity dangers are protected from via penetration testing and phishing evaluation.

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Services Provided By Industry in Bangladesh


Security of medical devices is an essential part of information assurance strategies at hospitals all over the world. We collaborate with facilities to make sure HITECH/HIPAA security programs are up to the task of operating in a highly regulated sector.


Leading financial institutions that must conform to FFIEC information assurance and cybersecurity management rules rely on us for everything from penetration testing to core banking software monitoring.


We offer cyber security services to safeguard Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, defending shared-service enterprises against ongoing threats and increasing user trust in the vendors’ ability to preserve their data.

High-end cyber security consulting services and incident response support are offered by Orange Soft BD to businesses all around the world. You can contact our live customer service agents 24/7 via our Live Chat and 01751-002628, or you can use the Contact Us form to get in touch with our cyber security customer service assistance.