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Hourly Rate for IT Services in Bangladesh

Business IT Support and Consulting on an Hourly Basis

Hiring a full-time “IT” technician can be too expensive. Most small and medium-sized businesses, especially those that are just getting started or developing, do not have the financial resources to hire a full-time “IT” technician or Hourly Rate for IT Services. Regardless of your budget, you will require competent “IT” support. This is how Orange Soft BD may assist your business. We have a professional and pleasant staff of professionals ready to assist you with your hourly “IT” needs.

When you require assistance with your “IT” services, Ctg Host BD can provide you the following advantages:

  • There are no additional fees. Our Hourly Rate for IT Services is all-inclusive and does not include travel costs.
  • Training and assistance for software. We can not only assist your company in recovering from a crisis, but we can also train your employees to help prevent the next one.
  • Anything is possible with your assistance. We can help you with everything from malfunctioning, obsolete PCs to the design and implementation of computer networks.

If you want to increase sales, keep in mind that nothing beats a brand-specific website. In fact, if you want to create an e-commerce site, you’ll need a bespoke website design else you won’t be able to compete with the thousands of e-commerce sites already on the market.

Our custom web design firm will optimize your website’s performance and usability so that you can receive more visitors than you ever imagined. Our skilled website builders will produce a decent design for you that is also mobile friendly. This manner, visitors on both desktop and mobile can correctly read your website, allowing you to retain a wide spectrum of visitors over time. By designing a correct design for your website, our WordPress web design firm can assist you in developing services with the most appropriate digital strategy that increases the digital experiences of your audience.

• For SEO cause they are worth new and correct content.
• Website vulnerabilities and scale back security threats.
• To assure that your website works accurately on totally different browsers.
• All broken links and pages for on-page SEO.
• There can be several alternative issues along with your website so that you will not grasp the correct resolution.

Hourly Support on a Pay-As-You-Go Basis

When you require assistance with your IT planning or function, Orange Soft BD pay-as-you-go support can help you with the following:

Billing for Hourly Tech Support — Our hourly cost is billed in 15-minute increments, so you only pay for the time you require.

Software Training and Support — While your vendors may give training or support, our customized approach ensures that you get the most out of your products.

Incidental Support – Contact us whenever you require assistance.

Remote Support – Obtain assistance over the phone or set up an appointment, if needed.

IT Consulting for Businesses – We can help you with product and service advice, business process assistance, network design, setup, and implementation, and even damaged machines.

Diagnostics – From non-starting systems to network security to low internet speed or general performance concerns, we can give diagnostics.

Without a good digital strategy, your responsive site design can make or ruin your business online. No matter how good your service is or how effective your online marketing activities are, if your website provides a poor user experience due to poor design, visitors may form the incorrect image of your brand based on the design of your WordPress-based website. In fact, if you don’t have a solid digital strategy in place, your website may potentially devalue your brand.

Ctg Host is here at your service. If you don’t need to linger upon with change your website, then allow us to roll in the hay for you and that we can leave no stone unturned to prove our heart. additionally, we offer you the house to consider things during which you switch dead set be the simplest. most areas of website maintenance and computing device management are several and these are becoming wide day by day. we have a tendency to ar the growing up web site maintenance company in Bangladesh.


When It Comes to It Services, Orange Soft Bd Can Help You With the Following Advantages:

The cost of hiring a full time IT technician can be astronomical. Along with extensive training, they can cost an arm and a leg to hire on to a team, and sometimes a small or medium sized business doesn’t have that kind of capital, especially if they’re just starting to grow. When it comes to the dependable IT support you’re going to need regardless of your price range, that’s how Orange Soft BD can help today. We offer a professional and friendly team of experts to help with your everyday hourly IT services in Bangladesh.


Our hourly rate is all-inclusive and does not include travel costs. In Our services no hidden charges or extra taken from for any support services.


Not only can we assist your company in recovering from a crisis, but we can also train your employees to help prevent the next one.


We can help you with everything from malfunctioning computers to computer network design and configuration.

Hourly Computer Repair and IT Support Services