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Invoice Billing Software in Bangladesh

Invoice Billing Software Services in Bangladesh

Ctg Host BD developed the highly scalable Invoice / Billing Software. You will be amazed by the invoice software that our designers and engineers produced. For our customers, it is also exceedingly simple to use. We surveyed the market in Bangladesh and questioned our customers about their experiences using our billing software.

They are happy with us enough to recommend us to other companies, which is our primary reward as we continually work to satisfy our clients. Our billing software will take care of all the time-consuming activities for you, including formatting, calculation, printing with the correct calculation and formation, and presenting the bill to the customers in an appealing way. Our designers worked very hard to produce a design-friendly invoice.

We added a section for client signatures, employers, and amount counting, among other sophisticated features. Our invoicing software can recall client information, product information, or customer information with the aid of our customizable autocomplete tool. We made our program compatible with every Windows version. With a few mouse clicks, you can save, print, format, and email your invoice in addition to printing and formatting it. We offer complete security for your data and backups. Why then are you still holding out? Orange Soft BD is ready to close a terrific deal with you.

We provide the easiest-to-use invoice billing software in Bangladesh. Any form of business, including department stores, shopping malls, and exhibit spaces, can use it. Your store or shop will have a taste of digitization thanks to its faultless operation. You can print a copy of the invoice for your customer. keeping an eye on the finances and inventory of your store.

Features of Invoice Billing Software Services in Bangladesh

A business’s billing and invoicing procedures are important. A business owner can only effectively manage their inventory and sales with accurate tracking and recording of invoices. Some of the most basic features a billing and invoicing software must have include the following:

1. Create templates for every services offered along with their costs.
2. Set the currencies to be utilized in this application
3. A template can be modified and copied by the user for later usage.
4. Include new partner services and save their data.
5. Add a new client and save data
6. Produce and submit the client a quotation
7. Include multiple services in the quotations
8. Adjust the quotes’ pricing and establish discounts.
9. A PDF file with all the quotations can be sent.
10. Keep track of deleted, closed, and outstanding quotations.

11. Follow up on Unfulfilled Quotes
12. Determine service tax and TDS amounts
13. Produce and deliver the client an invoice
14. Include multiple services in the invoice.
15. Determine discounts
16. Include information on service tax, a TIN, and an account number.
17. Track invoices that are open, closed, and deleted.
18. Monitoring pending invoices
19. Produce reports
20. Notifications via email


Benefits Of Invoice Billing Software

Using billing and invoicing software, you may keep track of your sales or services rendered, the people who got bills, the fees or charges assessed, and the times when money was paid (or when it was supposed to be paid but wasn’t). It also gives you a data pipeline so you may enter all of that information in your other accounts.

1. Increase sales while lowering TCO
2. increase client satisfaction
3. Send invoices out on time.
4. Set the discounts that will be included in client invoices and quotes.
5. Keep track of and follow up on quotes and bills
6. enhance your cash management

Utilizing automated billing software can help you save time and increase the accuracy of the billing system. Nowadays, everything is going digital. Automated billing saves customers time while enhancing the smarts and attraction of your service. These best invoicing software options give you access to a variety of tools that streamline running your company and collecting payments. You’ll find features like creating estimates and proposals, keeping track of time and expenses, and integrating with payment channels to assist you in choosing the best invoicing software for your business. For a variety of business sizes and budgets, each of these features has affordable pricing alternatives.

Please get in touch with us if you require any assistance with invoice billing software or if you have any questions about software services. The Ctg Host BD Team, are here to assist you at all times.