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WordPress Hosting In Bangladesh | Litespeed with cache

A Perfect WordPress Web Hosting Plan for You!

WordPress Hosting in Bangladesh is a hosting service specifically designed for hosting WordPress websites in the country. It provides optimized server configurations, faster page load speeds, and enhanced security to ensure optimal website performance and reliability. WordPress Hosting providers in Bangladesh also offer specialized WordPress support to assist users with WordPress-related issues and may provide additional features such as automatic updates, backups, and caching to help simplify website management. With the popularity of WordPress websites in Bangladesh, WordPress Hosting has become a popular hosting option for businesses, bloggers, and individuals looking to create and host WordPress websites.


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  • TK. 1400 /Per Year

  • Ctg Host BD is one of the most popular hosting providers in the WordPress community.

10 user accounts

  •   NVMe SPACE 5 GB

  •   BANDWIDTH 100 GB


  •   CPU 100%

  •   RAM 1 GB


  • TK. 4200 /Per Year

  • Ctg Host BD is one of the most popular hosting providers in the WordPress community.

100 user accounts

  •   NVMe SPACE 20 GB

  •   BANDWIDTH Unlimited


  •   CPU 150%

  •   RAM 1.5 GB


  • TK. 9800 /Per Year

  • Ctg Host BD is one of the most popular hosting providers in the WordPress community.

500 user accounts

  •   NVMe SPACE Unlimited

  •   BANDWIDTH Unlimited

  •   ADDON DOMAIN Unlimited

  •   CPU 200%

  •   RAM 3 GB

Get Easy WordPress Hosting Services in Bangladesh

Ctg Host BDoffers its customers WordPress Cloud Interfaces, which by making traditional web hosting more usable, as well as simple-to-manage hosting choices for unlimited, quick expansion. Unquestionably one of Bangladesh’s top WordPress hosting companies, Ctg Host BD has a lot of satisfied clients.

The WordPress websites of our customers are continuously kept up and running well on our servers thanks to the hard work of our team of dedicated support agents and professional hosting specialists. If you need more power and help, our Vps Hosting  In Bangladesh can offer you the finest value and control. But more than just the unparalleled speed, our team’s technical support and guidance, or the incredibly user-friendly WordPress interface, the best part about our affordable WP hosting packages is the outstanding extra hosting features that keep our clients coming back for more. 

You can upgrade one of our cost-effective WordPress hosting plans with one of our “Bundle Boosters,” which include dedicated IP, domain privacy, and DNS registration in addition to automatic backup and restore to keep you stress-free and high-end security with an SSL certificate to protect your customers’ and business’s data.

One of Bangladesh’s leading WordPress hosting companies, Orange Soft BD, is always willing to assist its clients. You can get in touch with us over the phone, via live chat, email, or by stopping by one of our offices in Dhaka for a more in-depth conversation.

The Features of Powerful WordPress Hosting Plan

All Ctg Host BD WordPress hosting plans come with a variety of features and add-ons that make it simple for you to succeed at any stage of your online adventure. Not only that, but we collaborate closely with to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date version of WordPress on your Orange Soft BD control panel.

Instant WordPress Setup

Auto WordPress Updates

24/7 Award-Winning Support

Every WordPress hosting plan offered by Ctg Host BD has a number of features and extras that make it easy for you to succeed at any level of your online endeavor. We work closely with

WordPress will be set up on your behalf by us! If your plan allows for multiple sites, use our straightforward 1-click installer to quickly create additional WordPress instances.

You can concentrate on what’s important, which is creating excellent content, because WordPress is already configured and we handle all WordPress upgrades. We provide 24/7 hour support.

Advanced, Easy-to-Use Panel

FREE Email Hosting

Automated Backups

Every day of the year, including holidays, our in-house and BD-based professionals are accessible for helpful, pleasant assistance. There is no such thing as a straightforward or difficult question.

You’ll look more professional if you have a custom, unique email address for your domain. Every email you send can be used to promote your website and build your brand when you utilize Orange Soft BD hosting.

What is the single most critical thing you can do to ensure the security of your website? Back it up with evidence. Orange Soft BD makes it simple by automatically backing up your WordPress website every day.

WordPress Hosting FAQs

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Yes, WordPress hosting is generally faster than shared hosting. This is because WordPress hosting is optimized for running WordPress websites, with features such as caching, CDN (Content Delivery Network) integration, and server-level optimizations that help to improve website performance and page load speeds. Shared hosting, on the other hand, is a more generic hosting option where multiple websites share the same server resources, which can slow down website performance if one or more websites on the same server are using up resources. However, it’s important to note that not all WordPress hosting providers are equal in terms of performance, and some shared hosting providers may offer better performance than some WordPress hosting providers. Ultimately, the performance of your website depends on several factors, including the hosting provider, server configuration, website design, and optimization efforts.

WordPress Hosting offers several benefits, such as faster loading speeds, automatic WordPress updates, better security, regular backups, and dedicated support for WordPress-related issues.

When choosing a WordPress hosting provider, you should look for factors such as server performance, uptime guarantee, security features, automatic backups, WordPress-specific support, and pricing.


Web hosting is a more generic hosting service that allows you to host different types of websites, including static HTML websites, PHP-based websites, and more. Web hosting typically provides server resources such as disk space, bandwidth, and server CPU, and may come with different features like email hosting, database hosting, and more

WordPress hosting, on the other hand, is a specialized hosting service designed specifically for hosting WordPress websites. WordPress hosting typically offers server configurations optimized for WordPress, such as faster page load speeds, automatic WordPress updates, enhanced security, and specialized WordPress support. Some WordPress hosting providers may also offer additional features such as automatic backups, caching, and staging environments, which can help to improve website performance and simplify website management.